What do you believe your level of tolerance to criticism is?
When I think about the level of politics happening in the world today, I find myself thinking about the level of criticisms each candidate has been receiving from all over the world. Although for the most part, I do not agree with how the current candidates are reacting to what’s being said about them, I am always fascinated by their level of tolerance and grit. Can you imagine reading what is being said, and know it is being said about you?!
Presidential candidates display an extreme amount of tolerance and grit. I imagine it’s part of their job description. After all, we wouldn’t want someone in office who can’t take it, or give up, right? 

How does your level of tolerance to criticism play into your overall success?

More than you may want to believe. Too many times people turn away from their dreams because they are too afraid of failing, to be criticized, or gossiped about. Recently a client called me upset explaining she was in the middle of a controversy at her work. People were gossiping about her being involved in a situation which resulted in several people being fired. She spent many hours trying to make herself right, proving the gossip to be untrue. In the end, she realized it didn’t matter. She was fighting a battle that was never in her favor to win.

People will choose to believe what they want to believe in order to make true what they already believe (read that a few times). It has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with them.

This is easier to read, harder to put into practice.

I am here to challenge you to take a stand. Not to those who are battling against you, but to yourself, to be your own powerful self. Instead of proving yourself to those who want to see you fail, put this burning energy into serving those people who are with you, and who are waiting for you to show up and serve more!
When you can stay focused on your goals, your light stays bright. Make it a point to shine brighter in the midst of criticism and conflict. Believe in yourself, your goals, and your voice!

Your goals are more important than other people’s opinions.

Whether it’s media, haters, politics, business or social circles, I am always inspired by those who take the punches and keep getting up. By those who learn from their mistakes, and most importantly take responsibility for their own actions.

Strengthen and condition your tolerance and grit muscles daily, keep your goals alive, and most importantly don’t EVER allow someone to dim your light because they can’t handle the brightness. 

Your Friend & Coach,