Supersoul Sessions 2

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint- and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard and also allowing the energy of the Universe to lead you.” -Oprah

In early April I was at UCLA in Los Angeles attending Oprah’s Supersoul Sessions 2. I was watching Oprah on stage and listening to her explain that the outcome of having live Supersoul sessions was to help stimulate and inspire each of us to move in the direction of our truest highest calling. To leave feeling full and to move out to the world to claim our power and to be more of who we are! AMEN!!!

Not a bad way to start out a Saturday!

Before the event began, Oprah asked us to set our intention for the afternoon. So I wrote in my journal, “My intention today is to hear and receive what I need that I can’t see for myself”. This is also what I call asking for the blind spot message. I asked Oprah and the Universe to give me what I don’t know I need.

Oprah and her roster of thought leaders delivered more than I could have expected. The blind spots shown to me were exactly the lessons I needed to focus on right now in my life.

I am sharing these lessons with you knowing they may be what you need to know, and may not know it. The fact that you are reading this may be a sign.

Lesson 1- I need to get naked more often.
When was the last time I stripped my ego, my filters and got quiet- all at once?

When was the last time I was honest with myself, honest with every piece of my being? Not just the parts that I wanted to be, but also with the ones I avoid and turn my back to?

It’s been awhile.

When was the last time I stood naked in front of a mirror and looked at the beauty of which I am, inside and out? When was the last time I was thankful for this body that has carried me 40 years?

Never. So I did it. (because if Oprah can do it, I can too).

I took this time to say thank you. After -all, I’ve not been the best tenant the last 40 years, after surviving a near death experience, head trauma, a splenectomy, 2 broken legs, 2 broken ankles, having been in a body cast for 3months, nutritionally challenged at times, and more often than not, water deprived.

I’d have kicked me out years ago.

I breathed deep and began to notice a few things; I noticed my workouts were paying off! Yes!
I also noticed I was really uncomfortable and making jokes with myself.

So I got present. I looked at the 40 year old staring back at me and I smiled. I smiled big. I am so damn proud of her.

No matter how hard I have beaten myself up, I keep going. My scars tell the story of my victories, that I was strong enough to make it through that moment in time.

For anyone who is hiding from any piece of him or her, it’s time to get naked.

“Embrace the nakedness, and the honesty that allows you to be a full human being”.– Shaka Senghor

Lesson 2-“Life is better when you share it”
When I heard Oprah say this, I shook. I shook because I knew I was missing deep connection, the soul connection that can only be felt when you let the walls down and let people in.

During the later sessions, Indie.Arie spoke of breaking the shell and said ‘let life touch you’. This was an unexpected breaking moment for me, where I felt my eyes water. Damn you – Thank You- Oprah and Indie.Arie

Song: Indie Arie “Break The Shell”

“Hear yourself and be touched in my touch” – Indie.Arie

Lesson 3- There is no answer to the question “Who Am I”
Ekhart Tolle was one of the main reasons I attended this event.

For anyone who has been trying to figure out who they are, and asking themselves, “Who Am I’, free yourself of searching for the answer. Any answer after ‘Who Am I’ is always changing and will be temporary.

Instead, what if we owned each moment and we didn’t have to rely on any (past) label, that we could just consciously choose who we needed to be right now. It will be temporary anyway.

Choose the identity that serves you and for the greater good in this moment.

Asking “Who I am, is meant for us to become alert. It is meant to take us into the state of presence” – Ekhart Tolle




My Thought- Leader session summary:
It doesn’t matter your past or where you came from, you don’t need to be the most well known- you just have to be doing it, the truth is found in humility & being naked, where there is too much fire we must find a way to be a part of something creative, give up the delusion you need control, kids teach us how to be free, and finally, all that we know for sure is that we (have the ability to be) conscious.

“The light of your true self may blind you” – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Speakers & Sessions:
Shaka Senghor- 5 things I learned in prison you can apply to your life
Marie Forleo- Everything Is Figureoutable
Cheryl Strayed- The Humble Journey To Greatness
Caroline Myss- 7 Myths & 7 Truths About Healing
Amandla Stenberg- My Authenticity is my activism
Kris Carr- How to live a crazy sexy life
India.Arie- Songversation: Worthy
Dr. Shefali Tsabary- The Awakened Self
Ekhart Tolle- The Awakening of Consciousness
Kerry Washington- Everyone has a soul story
Oprah Winfrey- Shedding the Weight to a better life

Please share this with your network.
You never know who may be ready for these lessons and didn’t know it! 

Your Friend & Coach,