Your Better Life. Anush TV Interview

How Do I Stay True To Myself , Yet Thrive In My Relationship

When Anush asked me to speak on relationships, specifically about how to stay independent in relationships, I was excited. This is almost a weekly coaching topic for me with both my male and female clients. So much so my Real Raw Truths podcast co-hosts and I recorded a show on the subject.

Listen to “Being Independent, Not Co Dependent”

The key to staying independent and thrive in your relationships is to be purposeful. Your intentions will determine your outcomes during the relationship.

Whether or not you are in a relationship right now, you can start with knowing what YOU want, and make sure you are living each day intentionally. When you are living on purpose, the right person shows up, and the right person will align with you to create a flourishing relationship.

“Behind every strong couple exist two strong individuals. The most compatible people are those who share interests and passions, but differ in some ways to cultivate a balance”.

I hope you enjoy the interview and I would love to hear from you with any of your own tips!

Please share with your network. You never know when someone is ready to make these shifts and thrive in their relationships!