The will to win, the desire to succeed,
the urge to reach your full potential.

These are the keys that will unlock
the door to personal excellence.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential.

These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal  excellence.

– Confucius

– Confucius

I am a certified Life and Business Coach. Having completed over 8000 one on one coaching sessions, surviving and thriving through my own life lessons, I’ve learned the answers to the questions about why people don’t follow through, don’t do what they know they should, and ultimately fail in reaching their full potential.

As your partner, I will enthusiastically drive you towards your objectives in creating a new level of awareness of your opportunities and choices.
I will provide inspiration, support and the BEST tools to help you discover and achieve your greatest potential and live a life of possibilities!

We will go beyond goal setting. We will make breakthroughs that lead to sustainable results and success. I’ve made it my mission, and my passion, to help you live a life of choice!

Are you ready to choose your life?

Let’s get started!

Why Hire Me As Your Coach?

You’re here because you want more in your life. You want to feel more, be more, and give more than you are right now.

You’re juggling time, goals, finances, love & career. I’ve felt and lived each of these same things at different phases of my life. I could never seem to get ahead, if I was achieving in one area, another area was failing.

We all yearn for freedom and passion, ultimately it’s what we believe we are working towards.

I am dedicated to my craft and collaborate with the best in the industry.

My main influencers, trainings and implementing over the years has included leadership, business, and personal development workshops from Life strategist, Tony Robbins; leadership, self leadership, coaching and management consulting from Management expert, Ken Blanchard; Landmark Education principles and self awareness courses; Relationship and strategic interventions from Robbins Maddanes Training; mentoring on overcoming adversity, teambulding, and creating a winning mindset from Guinness world record holder and #1 World Adventure Racer, Robyn Benincasa, and multiple other experts and thought leaders with niches in all areas of life.

Professional Coach training and certifications from The International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Tony Robbins Advanced Coach Training.

Erica is featured as a Celebrity Coach on “The Commando Coach” series, currently being streamed on Bingenetworks TV.

– Liana B

I would hands down recommend Erica as a coach for all facets of your life!

Erica has been essential to my growth this past year, in both my personal and work life. She is encouraging and kind, but isn’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty and ask some tough questions. Her ability to read between the lines and catch deep rooted doubts or beliefs amazes me! When I was experiencing a roller-coaster ride at work, Erica was right there, helping me get the right mindset to be the best version of myself.  With her help, I am able to face the challenges of my dream job, confidently and positively.

– Liana B