The Twelve Distinctions of Mastery

  • Awareness / Spirituality

    Who you Truly are has very little to do with who you ‘think’ you are…

  • Intention / Reaction

    Taking Full Control of your Life Forever!

  • You are not your Mind!

    Ego is an imposter, pretending to be you. Quit pretending!

  • Limiting Beliefs

    Overcoming our fear of not being good enough!

  • Letting go of the Past

    Giving yourself the gift of Freedom!

  • Vision / Passion / Living on Purpose

    Playing full out!

  • Ownership / Courage

    Owning the Truth of the Power flowing through you!

  • Excellence / Playing Full out!

    Showing up as the Superstar you were born to be!

  • Gratitude / Abundance

    Saying NO to scarcity!

  • Love / Relationship

    Loving full out!

  • Synchro-Destiny

    Harnessing the Power of Coincidence / the ‘Law of Attraction’

  • A Force for Good!

    Showing up as the Loving-Leader you were Born to Be!