My vision excites me.
My passion invigorates me.

Playing full out every day scares me.

And that’s how I know I am fully alive and reaching my full potential.

I teach people how to get out of their own way!

  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Live your purpose
  • Reach your full potential

After surviving a near-death experience when she was thirteen years old, she experienced her first spiritual awakening. Doctors called her recovery a miracle. Through training both her brain and body back to health, Erica’s thirst for life and her mission were sparked!

Through travel and adventure, she thrives on finding new adventures – experiences that require her to push herself through her fears and comfort zone in order to grow physically and spiritually.

Erica’s defining moments have been skydiving over the Hawaiian Islands, competing in a 24-hour, 100-mile, multi-sport race through the desert, trekking 40+ miles in two days through the Grand Canyon (for Project Athena, a non-profit organization), hiking Machu Picchu, and experiencing a kundalini awakening in Italy.

Erica has spent the better part of her professional career, working for the most honored and respected Life and Business Strategist, helping people achieve peak performance. For nearly a decade, she has been coaching business owners and professionals to enable them to achieve success on their own terms, professionally and personally.

Erica is passionate about teaching people how to master their minds, break through inner resistance, and bring awareness to living at a higher level of consciousness. Her spiritual beliefs and practices, in conjunction with her strong will, are a solid foundation for her insatiable desire to help people align with their purpose and passions.

Erica has passionately logged over 10,000 one-on-one coaching hours, working with hundreds of clients. Her clients not only achieve the results they desire, they also receive what they didn’t know they needed.

Her energy, passion and enthusiasm are contagious to everyone around her.