Working with Erica,
I have grown as a leader.

She challenges me in a compassionate way to look at the situation and myself to get better results. She brings tools and processes to the coaching sessions that help me aggregate complex situations and develop a concrete plan.

– K. H.

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Erica is positively contagious
in her attitude and energy.

I have worked with and known Erica for more than 8 years.
She is on the cutting edge of thought leadership, transformation, and gaining that psychological or emotional advantage to create the results desired.

– Pamela G

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With Erica’s coaching to engage me I was able to regain my center,

…make better decisions, and overall achieve a much more healthy and happy mental environment. I am certainly much more resilient to stress than I used to be and much more effective and happy in general. I recommend her highly.

– E. V.

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I hands down know
I have hired the best coach!

Her ability to ask powerful questions has also helped me become more self-aware of limiting patterns and beliefs. Her knowledge, experience, and business background make her an invaluable resource to individuals entering the coaching arena.

– C. S.

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We work together in a real, truthful and trusting way.

Erica Becker has had a tremendous impact on guiding me to achieve tremendous business success in my brand new consulting business. With her guidance, I have grown my business year over year and most importantly have grown as a person.

– L. B.

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Erica is a game-changing coach.

Since my first session with her, I literally started to think and act differently. She has helped change my life in so many positive ways and I am honored to have her as my coach. Trust me she is the best of the best.

– B. D.

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Erica’s dedication to her client’s needs is a pure gift.

Her attention to the details and ever changing field of Sales and Marketing are impeccable. She will take time to get to know you and your needs and work out the plan that will take your business, your event and ultimately your goals to the next level AND she does all of this with an endearing smile and authentic personality.

– Pauline H

With her help, I am able to face the challenges of my dream job.

She is encouraging and kind, but isn’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty and ask some tough questions. Her ability to read between the lines and catch deep rooted doubts or beliefs amazes me!

– Liana B

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I recommend working with Erica to discover and grow your talents.

My abilities to handle challenges with a healthy and optimistic mindset, to deal with interpersonal issues and to change my perspective and thus experience have grown tremendously.

– S. S.

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She is a remarkable coach that reads you and understands you.

Erica is a gifted human being, with an immense heart and profound wisdom that has an unlimited amount of personal resources to help you with what you struggle with the most.

– A. R.

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Because of Erica, I am infinitely more in tune with my physical and mental self.

I’ve made lifestyle changes that I never thought could happen so organically and from the heart. It seems impossible to believe that a phone session with someone can effortlessly change your life, but with Erica, it can and WILL.

– G.S.

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Erica Becker is an extraordinary coach with incredible natural instincts.

She possesses the uncanny ability to hear between the lines of communication, and an almost superhuman ability to discern what a person is truly saying. Erica brings the perfect combination of compassion and intellect to her coaching which is laser focused, yet always, heart-centered.

– D. J.

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Erica’s coaching is my lifeline to loving my journey.

If you were to watch my pattern before my coaching with Erica and then see it now, my mindset and the strategies I am mastering to help me create great things and see them differently has changed EVERYTHING!

– G. S.

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In every session I have with Erica, I discover a new, deeper level of myself.

In four months of coaching, my understanding of myself has changed drastically. Erica with her knowledge, expertise and heart helps me develop my personal tools and skills that would work for me.

– A.L.

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I feel better than ever.

Each session has been unique but Erica seems to quickly identify with my state of mind and extract the most pressing concern during each call. I was not in a good place when we first starting working together. However, I can honestly say now that I feel better than ever. Thank you for helping me get back here.

– A. S.

I was looking ahead instead of backward and dealing with my pain.

Working with Erica has changed my life completely. She’s helped me be a better wife, mother, author, and songwriter. I count myself blessed to be working with this quality of Coach. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to start over and create the life I’ve always wanted…thanks to Erica’s coaching.

– A. B.

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