The doorway to

Unlimited Potential

can only be opened by the hand

Of Your True Self

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My desire is for you to show up in any situation with the full power of your potential. Living out your life’s purpose depends on it.

You already have access to the best version of you, you just don’t believe that can be completely true.

So you doubt yourself. Because if you had access, you would certainly be doing it, right?

No, not always. In fact, it’s mostly no.

I’ve made a career out of teaching people how to access, ignite and live from their best and true selves.

The first step to living your best life is understanding what keeps you from CHOOSING to show up each day!

This awareness gives you the power to live your life on purpose!

I am over the moon excited to have co- authored a book with my father, Acclaimed Life Coach, Michael Nitti. We can’t be more proud to share our combined 40 years of teachings with the world.

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Meet Erica

Erica’s philosophies of life are “anything is possible” and “facing fear is your true teacher.”

For nearly a decade, she has been teaching people how to master their minds, break through inner resistance, and bring awareness to living at a higher level of consciousness.

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